3 Healthy Things That You Can Do That Go Against Societal Norms

When was the last time that you considered going against societal norms? Usually, going against societal norms is frowned upon by society because of the ethical and legal implications. Some societal norms such as exhibiting basic human kindness, setting personal boundaries, and making direct eye contact are expected. Not doing these things can indicate a poor or troubled upbringing. You should definitely abide societal norms to help you to become better person. However, there are a few societal norms that would be better if you just let them fall by the wayside. If you went against certain societal norms, it could actually improve your life — mentally and physically. Scroll down to find out the three healthy things that you can do even though they go against societal norms.

Being Barefoot

A pair of legs clad in rolled up jeans running in mud.
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Go to a store, a library, or a post office and everyone will be wearing their favorite pair of shoes. They will be wearing casual flip-flops, fancy heels, or rustic tennis shoes. If you were to see someone walk in without any shoes on, then what would you do? You would probably stare at them scornfully, eyes wide at this obvious breach of social etiquette. But did you know that going barefoot is actually healthier for you than wearing shoes?

Our earliest human ancestors were barefoot. All animals — sans humans — are all barefoot. It stands to reason that going barefoot is a natural thing to do. In fact, there are many benefits to being barefoot both indoor and out. Going barefoot strengths your feet and leg muscles. It can also provide better balance and kinesthetic sense. After spending decades with your feet in poorly fitting shoes, overtime it can cause your feet’s natural mechanism to weaken so that you end up unhealthily dependent on artificial cushions and soles fitted in the most “comfortable” shoes. [Source: Does Walking Barefoot Have Healthy Benefits?]

Of course, I’m not saying that you should go ahead and take off your shoes right now and start walking across the pavement or sidewalk. In fact, because of the weakening of the feet, it is better to start slow. If you wanted to start walking barefoot, trying softer terrain like sand or grass. And then as your feet gradually builds up strength, you can start walking on other surfaces as well. [Read this article to find out how to walk barefoot safely].

I’m not saying that wearing shoes is completely unhealthy, but going barefoot has many more benefits. If you don’t believe me, then go take off your shoes and walk around inside or in your backyard on the grass. Let your feet really feel the ground that it walks on. Trust me, your feet will thank you for it. Even if society says that it’s wrong doesn’t mean that it is wrong.

Even if society says that it’s wrong doesn’t mean that it is wrong.

Going Furniture Free

A woman sitting on the floor leaning against a gray couch. She has a laptop on her lap and a cup of coffee next to her on the floor. She is in the living room as indicated by the coffee table in front of her. There are giant windows in the background bringing in light.
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When you first buy a new house or move into a new place, then your first instinct might be to fill it with new furniture. You might get a bed, a couch, an entertainment center, and some dressers to help fill up your new space. You might dislike the idea of your new space being so empty and cavernous. You might want to fill it to put a bit of your personality into the space. While I am not saying that it is a bad idea to have furniture in your home, I’m simply suggesting that not having furniture or even just the bare minimum can help you live a healthier lifestyle.

By not having furniture, you won’t be needlessly dependent on it to work, to eat, or to relax. Instead, you can do what our earliest ancestors have done for thousands of years. Instead of having traditional furniture, you can opt instead for a floor table to work and cushions to sit on. By sitting on the floor, you can improve your energy level by using core muscles that you don’t ordinarily use. In fact, even sitting on a couch has been shown to be bad for you. Your couch may “support” your back, but really it is weakening it. By sitting back on the couch, you are ultimately causing your body to have less resistance and less optimal core movement in your body.

So, next time that you are faced with the prospect of moving or on any typical day, look around your house. Take a look at every bit of furniture. Sit in the chair or on the couch. And then get up. How does your body feel? If it doesn’t make you feel good, then I suggest that you limit your usage of it. Now, try sitting or squatting on the floor. How do you feel now? Do you feel more alert and energized? Do you feel more confident? Do you feel stronger? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then consider limiting the use of your furniture in your home. Remember, just because society says that you must go out and buy furniture to replace an old and broken one doesn’t mean that you should. In the long run, you will do your body and wallet a favor by not buying furniture.

You will do your body and wallet a favor by not buying furniture.

[Source: The Health Benefits of Furniture Free Living]

(Not) Shaving Body Hair

A woman sitting on the floor of her bathroom shaving her leg.
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When you wake up in the morning, what does your morning routine look like? Do you get up, brush your teeth, and shower? When you shower, do you find yourself reaching out for a razor to get rid of that stray piece of hair that managed to stubbornly infiltrate your skin despite all your efforts? Why do you shave your body hair? Do you shave because society deems that unshaven skin is a standard of beauty? Or do you shave because it makes you feel good? If it makes you feel good, is it possible that you were conditioned to believe that not shaving equates to being unattractive and even smelly?

Well, if you don’t want to shave your body hair (even if you are a woman), then don’t. In fact, there are many benefits to not shaving your body hair. For example, did you know that your armpit hair can help regulate body temperature and protect against unwanted rashes and skin infections? Furthermore, armpit hair provides an odor (pheromones) that has been known to calm and attract members of the opposite sex. [Source: The Surprising Health Benefits of Not Shaving Under Your Arms / Five Benefits of Not Shaving]. Knowing these benefits, why would you shave your body hair?

People (especially women) shave their body hair because they have been conditioned to believing that it is one of the things that contribute to beauty. Furthermore, not shaving is always bound to attract unwanted stares and expressions of disgust. Women shave so that they can fit in and not be ostracized by society.

A tweet asked by me regarding the question of whether women should shave or not.

A few weeks ago, I asked this question on Twitter and the vast majority of people expressed that women should shave only if they want to. However, some did express that they should only shave certain areas of the body or expressed how unattractive it was to see a woman with body hair. This speaks volumes against what society has conditioned people to believe what beauty is. Women shouldn’t shave because it is the so-called “right thing to do” or because it is a societal norm. If they choose to shave, it must be because they want to. If they don’t want to, then we have no business shaming women who don’t. After all, there are many benefits to not shaving. And if men don’t have to shave their body hair, then why should women?

If men don’t have to do it, then why should women?

Are there any other unhealthy societal norms?

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12 thoughts on “3 Healthy Things That You Can Do That Go Against Societal Norms

  1. When it comes to appearance, there are so many societal norms, especially for women. At my age, the one that really bugs me is the need to dye your hair to say youthful. I dyed my hair for years to cover up the gray. It was messy, expensive and exposed me to a lot of chemicals my body doesn’t need. These days, I embrace the grey but I’m in the minority.

    Oh…and I love to walk around the house or my back garden barefoot. And there’s nothing like walking barefoot on the beach!

    1. Absolutely. Walking around barefoot on grass or on sand is the best.
      As for dyeing your hair.. I definitely think women should embrace the gray. there is beauty in gray hair as well as getting older.
      I watched my mom dye her graying hair for years.. every month. she used to complain about the bother and cost. I vowed that I would not dye my hair in old age but will instead let it be. and besides I wouldn’t have the patience to constantly keep up with dyeing it regularly.

  2. There are two basic fears that plague humankind: fear of death and fear of what those around me think!
    Someone once told me that we do all our preening, evaluating our dressing, checking our teeth, etc., because we will get angry if others notice something “wrong” with us. If we realized how little any of them noticed ANY of what we do to preen, then we would reeeally get angry! 😅 They’re all too busy looking at themselves! 😉

    1. Absolutely that is a lesson that took me years to learn. I spent too much time as a teen and young adult worrying about my appearance. When I realized that others were too busy being self preoccupied to really notice what I looked like or was doing, it was truly mind blowing lol so we should all just do what makes us happy & who cares about anyone else

  3. I love being home and being barefoot. It’s so comfortable and also I don’t like personally wearing shoes inside my house.

    1. Yes , me too. I honestly don’t understand people who wear shoes INSIDE the house. I mean those shoes have been inside a PUBLIC RESTROOM lol

  4. Oh, what an interesting read! I don’t think I could go against any of these hahaha If I did, it would drive me nuts BUT I do love the idea of going barefoot whenever I can but I live in a busy city so its a bit more challenging! xx

    Lynn | https://www.lynnmumbingmejia.com

    1. Oh yes I imagine! Definitely definitely depends on where you live. But you can at least go barefoot in your home/yard/patio/balcony lol

      Thanks for reading!

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