Clean OUt My Pantry Cooking Challenge

So you might have noticed that I have been a bit MIA on my blog lately. I haven’t written a new post since June 12, 2021. There is a post in the works that I have been working on but despite my tried and tested ways to overcome blogger’s block I haven’t been able to unblock it. So that means that I need something else to help get past this. I need to try something new and different on my blog. That new thing is the Clean Out My Pantry Cooking Challenge!

For this week, or the next two weeks, or even the next year (I haven’t decided yet), I will blog about food. I will create recipes using ingredients that come directly from my pantry, freezer or fridge. Most (actually, probably all) of the food will be created using recipes that I happen to find on Pinterest or Google. I will always credit the recipe by providing the appropriate links.

Even though this idea was thought of by me, and me alone, apparently I wasn’t the only person to have come up with this idea. Many other bloggers (such as this one) have partaken in this challenge with the intention of saving money, planning out meals, and using up food that otherwise would just be delegated to the back of the shelves until it has to be thrown out on expiration date. If you’d like to join me, then please drop a comment below or link to this post so that I can check it out. I am always looking for new food ideas, especially with two kids to feed, and it’s a bonus when I can just use the food that I already have.

The Clean Out My Pantry Cooking Challenge starts this week!

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Hi! I'm Helen and I am a 31 year old hapa mom raising two multiracial children. I am a writer, English consultant, and social media manager. I am a self-proclaimed chocoholic.

5 thoughts on “Clean OUt My Pantry Cooking Challenge

  1. Hi, my dear friend. While looking forward to your recipes, I am afraid this is one challenge I cannot enter as Anita maintains a careful inventory of everything in our panty. When I do an occasional food blog, we usually have to purchase some of the stuff if it is not on our regular meal plan.
    For blogger’s block I would suggest reading a couple of articles or books on end times, family life that honors the Creator, or consider more stories of your childhood years and what influences most shaped you. You have had a fascinating life and I suspect there is a LOT more to your history that would be worth reading.
    love and daily prayers,


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