11 Things You Can Expect To Happen in 2021

At the start of every year, we are filled with hopes, desires, and longing of what we expect to happen in 2021. Particularly this year, after a wild 2020 of intense unpredictability and fear, trillions of people worldwide raised their wine glasses up in the air in a mock toast when the clock stroke midnight. They said good-bye to 2020. They said good-bye to a year that has changed people in more ways than one. By saying good-bye, they start to look forward (with some trepidation and anxiety) to what has yet to happen and what to expect to happen in 2021.

What you can expect to happen in 2021 is unlike what you expected to happen this time last year. Last year, we were all different people, governed by the same administration, but not exactly threatened by the Coronavirus pandemic, not entertained by Tik-Tok and Reels, and making half hearted jokes about the situation (because when times are tough, what can you do but laugh?).

In this article, I will focus on the things that is expected to happen in 2021 in my part of the world. Some of the things I list are things that affects people on a global scale, and some are things that affect me on a local scale. Yet another percentage are things that affect me and my plans for the blog Crispy Confessions (which affect you too, if you are a regular reader). So, without further ado, these are the 11 things you can expect to happen in 2021.

Clock reads 11:59 PM, but in the 12 o'clock position there is the number 2021.
11 Things You Can Expect to Happen in 2021

11 Things You Can Expect to Happen in 2021

  1. I turn 32
  2. We get a new president
  3. My youngest child turns 1
  4. My oldest child turns 5
  5. I get vaccinated
  6. I stop wearing masks
  7. I write an article or two for Medium
  8. I begin writing a book for Amazon
  9. I grow my blog Crispy Confessions & social media accounts
  10. I go back to school
  11. 2021 ends

I turn 32

This marks my 32nd rotation around the sun. I met my 30th year with some trepidation and reservation. Now I am resigned to the fact that I am getting older, which is both welcoming and dismal at the same time. It is a strange feeling, this getting older business. But on the positive note, we must remember:

Do not complain about getting old. It is a privilege denied to many.

Mark Twain

In other words, we should welcome every wrinkle and gray hair as it is something that only the chosen few gets to experience. When thought of like this, getting older becomes a blessing.

We get a new president

Every four (or eight) years in America, we get a new president and vice president. In a few weeks, we say good-bye to the current POTUS and welcome in the 46th president and 49th vice president. We say good-bye to the current era of bigotry and fear and welcome in a new world of, hopefully, tolerance and hope. I really hope that the new administration will impact real positive change for America, instead of merely acting as a figure head, signing laws that imparts temporary change, and fighting amongst themselves instead of campaigning for what really matters: the underrepresented in America.

The American flag waving in the air.
Photo by Aaron Schwartz on Pexels.com

My youngest child turns 1

My youngest child turns 1. I note this here because 1 is a pretty big milestone, next to age markers such as 10 and 100. Stay tuned for a post on how I draw upon his Korean roots in his birthday celebration.

My oldest child turns 5

My oldest child turns 5 later this year. Last year, her birthday happened right before lockdown. It was the last big event we had as a family before everything changed.

 Letter balloons are hanging from the ceiling. It says Happy B-Day.
Photo by Craig Adderley on Pexels.com

I get vaccinated

As many of you know, the new Coronavirus vaccination is out. I know there are some who have already gotten the vaccination. I am sure this is something that will happen to many of us in 2021 as a preventative measure. I am nervous about the side effects, as well as having to get a second dose of the vaccine (I don’t like shots).

I stop wearing masks

Despite the vaccine, I still suspect that we will be wearing masks for the entirety of 2021. Even if the pandemic is under control, it is definitely a good thing to keep wearing masks to help prevent other viruses.

A pile of disposable masks
Photo by Karolina Grabowska on Pexels.com

I write an article for Medium

This is on my to-do list, to write an article for Medium.com.

I begin writing a book for Amazon

Another wish is to start writing a book. I have no idea if it will be a children’s book, or a novel, or even a non-fiction book. I have discovered that I prefer writing things that are short. With that in mind, I could write a collection of short stories, or essays.

Brunette girl doing research outside with a laptop and blank notebook.
Photo by Zen Chung on Pexels.com

I grow my blog & social media accounts

This was my goal in the second half of 2020, and continues in 2021. My goal is to increase my readership on my blog Crispy Confessions, and grow all of my social media accounts: Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook. I also hope to create more video content on YouTube.

I go back to school

I have my Bachelor’s degree in Communications and now I am thinking what’s next. I am thinking about going back to pursue a master’s degree in school counseling. Or a shorter certificate program in a similar field.

Brunette woman  working at her desk with her head in her hands. She is clearly frustrated.
Photo by energepic.com on Pexels.com

2021 ends

As with everything, it must come to an end. 2020 came to an end. So, will 2021. No matter what happens, just know that nothing is permanent. Everything is only temporary. It is only a matter of getting through the situation and coming out a victor. It is like surviving our own version of The Hunger Games and coming out as a winning tribute. Remember this the next time you find yourself going through a difficult situation. Everything has an ending. With the hope of an ending, there lies a new beginning.


Like everyone else, I remain filled with hope and optimism for 2021. I believe that this year will be even better than the last, or the one before that. Dream, love, and make what you expect to happen in 2021 the best reality of your life.

What do you expect to happen in 2021?

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Hi! I'm Helen and I am a 31 year old hapa mom raising two multiracial children. I am a writer, English consultant, and social media manager. I am a self-proclaimed chocoholic.

15 thoughts on “11 Things You Can Expect To Happen in 2021

  1. How is there 46 presidents and 49 Vice presidents? I was never into political history. Did 3 of the VPs die or resign, or something? On another note, from author to aspiring author, writing your book will be the fun part. It’s promoting your book, and trying to catch people’s interest, in these over-stimulated, A D D times, that might make you feel like a snail trying to climb Mount Everest. But you seem to be good at keeping up with juggling social media outlets, so you might do pretty good with getting your book out there. The way you write your blog posts, I could picture you being good at writing contemporary fiction. Good luck, and happy new year🍀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you!! I’ve always enjoyed writing fiction more than nonfiction 🙂

      Regarding the presidents, I actually had to google it to find out what number they were. But I think some of the VPs resigned or decided not to run with the president…

      Thanks & happy new year

      Liked by 1 person

  2. The best of luck with all your endeavors this year. As a wise man once said, “You can do it!” 🙂

    All the best, Michelle (michellesclutterbox.com)

    Liked by 1 person

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