The Aftermath of the Election & What It Means To Me

The Aftermath of the Election & What It Means To Me

Two days ago, I woke up and checked my phone. I typed in ‘election results’ on Google and saw that Georgia had turned blue. My eyes immediately became round. My lips started to turn upward at the corners. I felt something in my heart. Could it be hope? Did a state that had voted red for the past few elections really turn blue? Did this mean what I thought it meant?

After dropping the oldest off at school, I went on Twitter to check the latest updates. The news confirmed what I already knew. Georgia was definitely blue, and the number of blue votes was steadily increasing, meaning that a switch at this point was unlikely.

As I write this today, we now know who the next president and vice president is. When they both get sworn into office in January of 2021, it will be such a historic moment for this country. It is wonderful that this year of all years will end on such a positive note. This year has commonly been acknowledged by the masses as a year that has tested and taken a toll on so many families — financially, emotionally, and physically.

As this year draws to a close, we end with hope. We have hope for the eventual containment and eradication of the coronavirus. We have hope for increased job security and better wages. We have hope that families will no longer be separated. We have hope for a better future for our children and grandchildren. We have hope that all people in this country, no matter where they come from, can live together in unity and harmony.

What I most wish for the future of this country is for everyone to just be American and not be exclusively identified by the color of their skin or any other physical attributes. I would love to live in a country that did not see the color of a person’s skin, but instead what is on the inside. I would love to live in a country where anyone qualified can seek the top office — and do a really good job.

I love that we finally have a woman vice president. I also love that she is hapa. For the first time in my life, I see myself in a major political figure. Previously, most of the presidents and vice presidents were white men. Studying these figures in school, it was harder for me to relate. But now with a female vice president who is also multiracial, I feel as if this has been a long time coming. We should have had a female multiracial vice president a long time ago. The fact that it has taken us this long shows volumes of what kind of country this is.

But now that we will have a female multiracial vice president, this opens the doors to a future of hope. I just hope that when the new president and vice president are sworn in that they are both able to create and sustain real change in America. There is so much that needs to be done. America certainly isn’t perfect, but with some nurturing, I hope that it will once again be a wonderful country to live in.

And you, my dear reader, what are your hopes for 2021?

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20 thoughts on “The Aftermath of the Election & What It Means To Me

  1. One change I hope for, is for Trump to just shut up and get lost. I Heard that he’s planning on holding more rallies to get people to join forces with him, and fight to prevent our next president—who won fair and square—from taking his place. And he’s going to be a real pesky mosquito about it.😬

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  2. It would be nice to see Biden eliminate the racist attitude of many far right Trump supporters. But since that is highly unlikely, I pray he denounces it for the hatred it is, and causes those folks to crawl back under their ugly rocks.

    I’m looking forward to some civility and cooperation in our Gov’t and everyday lives. I would like to see peoole who voted for Trump at least make an effort to come to the center table and have meaningful discussions about our common issues.

    One can only hope.

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  3. I am saddened that so many assume that since the networks called the election for Mr. Biden, it is over. The DOJ and Alan Dershowitz have noted that Trump is entitled to contest the results within the bounds of legal means. As he has chosen to do so, and not conceded the election, it still remains to be seen how this will end.
    I sincerely hope that those opposing Trump (who is a misogynistic narcissist and an embarrassment as our president) will do so peacefully. The boards in NY, Chicago and LA that were put up before November 2 were not there because of fears that Trump’s supporters would riot if the election did not go their way.
    Whichever candidate winds up actually winning, not “overturning” results, but simply finalizing the votes, I truly hope we can come to peace with the results.


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