Perhaps This Will Be The One

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It was your typical, hot, muggy Florida day. So, the kids and I went to the pool to cool off. But it was when I was sitting on the steps in the pool, playing Barbies with my daughter, that I came up with a possible character for a short story or a children’s book. The character is inspired by my six month old son.

I don’t know if this idea has been done before. Maybe it has. Maybe it hasn’t. But I am a writer, and I need to write. I need to get my words out there in a printed medium for the world to see. Perhaps this will be the one.

It’s amazing what ideas you can get from such an ordinary day.

Where do you get your ideas for your books?

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Hi! I'm Helen and I am a 31 year old hapa mom raising two multiracial children. I am a writer, English consultant, and social media manager. I am a self-proclaimed chocoholic.

4 thoughts on “Perhaps This Will Be The One

  1. I get my ideas when I’m doing totally irrelevant things, such as bathing or walking. Another prime time for ideas is when I wake up in the morning and still haven’t made sense of the world yet. Weirdly my mind is super receptive to ideas at that point. Thanks for this post!

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