The Five Best Essentials for Newborn Baby

My baby at 1 month old, sitting in his boppy

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Four years ago, I published a blog post about what I thought was absolutely essential for a newborn baby. Two kids later, I wanted to update that post with some of the things that have come in handy for baby during the fourth trimester.

1–Muslin Swaddle Blankets

I didn’t use Muslin Swaddle Blankets for my first baby, but did so with my second baby. The difference is unbelievable. Unlike the cheap store brand receiving blankets, the Muslin blankets are so soft and versatile. It comes in so many different colors and patterns so it can match any nursery or furniture.

I love that I can use these blankets to swaddle my baby. It can also be used as a floor mat, a baby security blanket, or a burp cloth. It’s so breathable and lightweight and I am so in love with this particular item. I love the Muslin fabric so much that I also bought a Muslin bandanna bib for my baby.

2–Boppy Original Nursing Pillow

I had the Boppy Nursing Pillow for both of my kids, albeit different ones. The one pictured below is the one that I got for my youngest child. But what I love most about this particular pillow is not the pattern (which I love), but how versatile it is. I can prop my baby in it on the floor, bed, crib, or anywhere really. It’s like a bouncer in that it is a safe place for baby to rest, but a lot softer. I like to think of it as a pregnancy pillow for babies.

As baby gets older, it can be used to facilitate tummy time. When baby starts to sit up, the baby can sit in the center of the pillow, which helps to support and keep the baby balanced.

Oh, I almost forgot its most important function. It can be used to nurse or bottle feed a baby. Just put the boppy on your lap and then put the baby on it. It elevates the baby so that you are not straining your back while feeding him.

3–Skip Hop Diaper Bag

This is the diaper bag I got for my second child. With two kids, I knew that I wanted something bigger with plenty of space for the kids and myself. Well, this bag has plenty of that. There are so many pockets that I don’t even use some of them. I love that there are two huge side compartments, one for baby and one for mom. In one of the compartments, I put my personal stuff, like keys, wallet, receipts, etc. In the other compartment, I put the baby stuff like pacifiers, diapers, wipes, and baby towels. There’s a big compartment in the middle, which boasts the biggest space of them all. Here I put spare clothes and blankets.

The two side pockets are perfect for storing drinks. I love that the front pockets are of different sizes for both functionality and aesthetic appeal. I also love that the straps are too long so that the bag isn’t dragging. I can carry it easily on my shoulder.

All in all, I love love love this bag. There’s so much room and I recommend it to any mom who needs something to put in all the baby paraphernalia. Maybe I’ll do a what’s in my diaper bag post.

4–Gerber 4 Pack Sleep n’ Play

If you have to buy clothes, then buy these. Buy sleep n’ plays and make sure that they have zippers. I repeat: make sure that they have zippers. Zippers are amazing. Trust me, you don’t want to have to be putting a newborn baby in one of these at three in the morning working on all the buttons. The zippers are quick and painless. When you are postpartum, recovering, and sleep deprived, you’ll be glad that you bought these.

5–Lillebaby Complete All Seasons Baby Carrier

I actually bought this when my baby was three months old. But I wish I had bought this sooner. This carrier can be used starting when the baby is a week old until the baby child is three or even four years old. There’s a safety strap for the tiniest of babies inside the pouch.

What I like the most is that there is a breastfeeding cover for the baby. If the baby is nursing or even sleeping, you can throw the cover over the baby for some privacy. There is also a pocket for your wallet or phone. Another thing that is unique is that I can adjust the temperature simply by unzipping or zipping up the mesh fabric.

It’s super comfortable for me to wear, with padded shoulder straps and a supporter for the back. I love it and plan on using it for a long time.

Do you agree? What do you need for your newborn? What do you regret buying?

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