Top 5 Must-Have Toddler Toys

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Previously, I wrote a post about the Top 5 Must Have Toys for Babies. Today, I will write about the top five toys for toddlers, or kids ages 1 to 3. Similar to the baby toys, these toys were selected based on not only their timelessness but educational value. So, without further ado, here’s the list:


This one is such a timeless, classic toy. I bought this toy for my daughter when she was one years old. She is four and she still plays with it, though lately her constructions have become a lot more complex and sophisticated. I loved watching her figure out the individual block as a one year old, and then putting two or three pieces together. Now, she builds houses and castles and bridges with the blocks. It’s such a great educational toy for kids.

2–Kidkraft Kitchen

My daughter absolutely loves this toy. She loves to use her kitchen utensils, pots, and pans to cook up something yummy for me and her baby brother. All kids should have a kitchen to play with to encourage make-believe and imagination. I love that this kitchen isn’t made out of plastic and looks nice against her furniture.

3–B. Toys Meowsic Toy

I am a firm believer that music helps to nurture creativity and imagination. Music is just good for the soul even at the tender age of two or three. I have gotten my kids several different musical instruments because of this very reason. I particularly like this B.Toys piano because aside from being colorful and fun to look at, it boasts several different tunes. It has a microphone that kids can use to sing along to the songs. And the songs themselves are fun and, well, cats. What’s not to like?

4–Foxprint Princess Castle Play Tent

Kids love to play make believe and pretend. They also love stories about fairy tales and princesses. So who wouldn’t want their very own tent where they can be whatever the want to be? My daughter loves to play in her tent. She often calls it “her house.” She loves to look out the window on her tent and look “outside.” I love that this tent is portable and can be easily folded up and set up anywhere for indoor and outdoor play. Plus, it’s pink and what girl doesn’t love pink?

5–Toulouse Lap Trec Magnetic Sketcher

My daughter loves this magnetic sketcher. She loves to draw and write her name on it. And then she can erase it and start over with no mess. I love that it’s red and has a easy carry handle. It also features four animal stamps — rabbit, dog, cat, duck — making drawing even more fun. It’s such a great toy for toddlers and beyond.

These are some of my favorite toys for toddlers.

What toys does your child like to play with?

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