10 Short People Problems That ONly Short People Will Understand

Being short can be tough. Being short comes with a whole host of problems that, frankly, only short people will understand. As a short person living in a world that emulates being tall as one of beauty and perfection, it can be a challenge. Adjustments and compensations have had to be made in order to survive in such a tall person world. Here are ten short people problems that only short people will understand.

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Not being able to reach the top shelves

When you are short, you can’t reach the high supermarket shelves or the high cabinets in your own kitchen. When you are short, you find yourself climbing those supermarket shelves or kitchen cabinets just to be able to get down a plate or a can of food.

Being barred from certain rides

At an amusement park, some rides have certain restrictions. If you are under a certain height, then you are effectively barred from getting on the ride. This means that you can’t ride that roller coaster simply because of something that you can’t help.

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Being called cute

When you are short, cute is one of the top adjectives that many people use. When you are constantly called cute simply because of your height and not just your looks, then it becomes not really a compliment but an insult.

There are no compliments for being short

You often hear people say “you’re so tall” or “you’re going to be a great basketball player” with pride and confidence. But you never hear people say “you’re so short” in the same manner of voice. Instead, when you hear those words, it is often with derision and mockery. When you hear those words, it is suggested that being too short is not such a good thing after all.

Not able to reach the floor

Have you ever sat on a gargantuan sofa and found that you couldn’t reach the floor? Some couches have such wide seat cushions that it is impossible for a short person to have their feet touch the floor. Not being able to touch the floor can make you feel like a preschooler.

Not able to turn on the lights

And when you are short, even turning on the light can be a challenge. Some light fixtures are located on the ceiling. There is literally one or two very short chains attached to it, you know, the kind that you have to pull and then voila the light turns on. But when you are short, you cannot reach it. You have to either drag a ladder or ask someone who is not vertically challenged to turn on the light for you.

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People using you as a prop

When you are shorter than your friends, then they may, for example, prop their arm on your shoulder.

Pants are never the right length

Going shopping can be a challenge. When you are short, it can be hard to find pants or jeans that are the right length for your height. Oftentimes, you have to go see a seamstress to get it hemmed. Or, you simply have to fold the bottoms, or take a pair of scissors and cut it yourself, which is definitely not the best idea.

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Not able to reach the pedals in a car

When you are short, it can be a struggle to reach the pedals in your car. You often have to pull your seat forward, just for your feet to be able to reach the pedals.

The seatbelt doesn’t fit correctly

And then when you are short, the seatbelt doesn’t fit correctly. The seatbelt is supposed to lie across the top of the thighs and over the shoulder. But when you are short, the seatbelt ends up cutting across your neck.

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What would you add to this list?

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18 thoughts on “10 Short People Problems That ONly Short People Will Understand

  1. I don’t like to think of being short as a handicap (although I ask for help reaching things all the time, haha). You see, I can always get a stepladder, but tall people could never get into the small places that I do. Working in aircraft maintenance, my height has helped me climb into access holes much more comfortably than others. For reference, I’m 5’2″ 😊

    1. That is a good point. Short people can definitely find a creative solution and overcome the obstacles. But there is only so much tall people can do to …

  2. Being short means having to borrow money to buy stuff. Oh, you mean short in “stature!” 😂
    Guess being short is pretty tough no matter how you see it!

  3. We aren’t short by any means, but for my wife and I to eyeball our two sons directly we need to stand on the top step that leads down into our lounge room. The eldest is 6’8” (203cm), the youngest is 6’6” (198cm) and still growing. As for their elder sister, well she is taller than me. Needless to say both boys are very handy to have around at times 😊

  4. What an entertaining post. I’m very short and can relate to a lot of these. I have a step ladder to reaching shelves, and I’ve suffered my share of “cute” comments. 🙂

    1. thankyou! yes a step ladder is my best friend lol or when its not readily available I just climb the kitchen counters lol

  5. So funny I never really thought about it from a short person’s perspective… I’ve been tall pretty much all my life… And I’ve honestly disliked it (was going to say hate but that’s a strong word)…

    You mentioned: “you’re so tall” or “you’re going to be a great basketball player”… I got this all my life… And these comments bothered me… Bc it made me feel like that’s all they saw was my height and nothing else… It was kind of insulting. Once I went on a rant with a friend and thought what If I went up to a short person and said, oh you’re so short you must be great at mini golf!!! 🤣🤣 Which is ridiculous bc your height doesn’t actually determine how good you are at anything lol

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